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Budgetary Control

Gravity systems are used as a cost effective method of conveying goods over a given area. This incorporates low expenditure coupled with low maintenance costs to provide an effective handling of materials or products. The simplest gravity tracks immediately eliminate the fetching and carrying element of work to enable more effective use of man hours.


Due to our extensive manufacturing experience we treat every project as a single entity, and design each system to your requirements. Therefore factors such as weight and dimensions of goods (to assess the width and capacity of the rollers), surrounding environment, usage, area and requirements are all interlinked to provide an efficient and profitable scheme. Depending on the product, the system can be manufactured with various types of materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc coated or galvanised to prevent damage or rusting of the conveyor.


All systems can be designed for the application or adapted to suit the project, eg, the stands may be either bolted to the floor for stability or on a suitably braced subframe with castors for manoeuvrability. The supports may be either a fixed height or adjustable to allow for declines. Gravity systems can also be supplied in skatewheel form. Flexible conveyors are also extremely useful in situations where production levels change or machinery is moved. Using flexible conveyors enables you to develop your own custom made working environment.


The rollers are the critical component of the gravity conveyor and are manufactured to many specifications, dependant upon the application. Tapered rollers or split parallel rollers are used for curvatures and bends and may be deigned to suit the project. Rollers can be mild steel, stainless steel or plastic, rubber coated, zinc coated or galvanised. The spindles may be spring loaded, stub axles, drilled and tapped or turned down with a male end thread.

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